Privatization Action in front of TCDD

Privatization Action in Front of TCDD: The march of the BTS member railway workers, 17, started in 5 in November.

The railway workers of the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) affiliated to KESK, 17, started their march in November in Ankara. 'personal and financial rights with compensation claims for losses and moving from 5 arms against Ankara railway laborers working privatizations, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) conveyed the request in consultation with the Director General.

Railway laborers, who have been organizing press releases, workplace visits and walks for days on the privatization plan of the railways, have to change the title, workplace and status of the company, as well as the privatization attack. was opposed to merging workplaces and others.

Action in front of TCDD

17 on November in Balıkesir, Istanbul (Halkalı7, laborers from Van, Antep and Zonguldak. day came to Ankara. KESK executives and KESK affiliates and TÜMTİS executives and Haydarpaşa Solidarity representatives also participated in the action of the workers who joined the three branches in Ankara Station. Workers who walked in front of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) met with police barricades. L This blockade will be distributed, oturma said the laborers, after a period of sitting for a while, the press conference held a press release.

BTS Chairman Nazım Karakurt said in a statement read, the privatization of railways started with the support of Officer-Sen and BTS's warnings and objections were taken into consideration. The privatization law, supported by Officer-Sen, will come into effect as of 1 January 2015, and the future of the attacks against the employees was emphasized. This process, which is defined as 'liberalization', was actually taken as a public service and handed over to market conditions.

The statement also referred to the privatization processes of public institutions such as Turk Telekom, TEDAS, Seka, Tekel, Petkim and Et Balik, and said that privatization was a lack of futility and insecurity. In the case of the privatization of the railways, it was emphasized that the fate of the current employees would be uncertain and the following demands were submitted to TCDD management:

None of the current employees should be sent to another institution.
1 As of January 2015, personnel who will work in our institutions should continue to work under the current status. This status should also include new recruits.
No employee's title or place should be changed except for the request.
The personnel working in the titles to be canceled due to the functioning of the institution should be assigned to a higher title. This designation should not be subject to the provisions of the ine Promotion of Position and Change of Title Bu.
Some of the recent recruitments do not meet the norm staff known to the staff. Therefore we have doubts that there is a secret norm staff not announced. A norm staff study that will meet the actual needs should be made as soon as possible and shared with all employees.
In both institutions, the necessary training and formation should be completed and the employees must be met among the employees. In case it is not met, KPSS should be welcomed.

After the press release, a delegation was sent to the TCDD General Directorate building to discuss these demands. In the meeting, it was said that the demands were welcomed but no written guarantee could be given. There was a sit-in until the interview was concluded.

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