Historic Stone Bridge 100. Year Celebrated

Historic Stone Bridge 100. Year Celebrated: In the district of Beyşehir in Konya, the historical Taşköprünün 100. It is celebrated with various activities.
1914, which was built in Beysehir during the Ottoman period and started to serve in 100, was transferred to Konya Plain by means of BSA channel by means of its regulator and transferred to the Konya Plain by means of BSA channel. age of 100. Year celebrations.
Beyşehir Municipality, Köprübaşı celebration events held in the Beyşehir Governor Muzaffer Başıbüyük, Garrison and District Gendarmerie Commander Major Mustafa Özdemir, District Mayor Murat Özaltun, District Police Chief Mustafa Demirgül, Ak Party District Chairman Nafiz Huğlu, institution superiors, municipal councilors, citizens attended .
Mayor Murat Özaltun, who came to the podium at the beginning of the celebration events that started with the Mehteran performances, started his speech by giving information about the historical bridge. History Taşköprünün childhood since his memory is very large voicing Özaltun, as a mayor of the age of a century-old age bridge with the beginning of the 100. stressed the age of celebrating their own. Özaltun also mentioned that they had a great role as a municipality to protect and promote the historical bridge which is an Ottoman work. He also mentioned a project of a tube passage prepared by Taşköprü, a necklace of Beyşehir, which has been dreaming for many years.
When we look at the historical Taşköprü by the boats on the lake reminding me that there is a second bridge standing in front of Özaltun, it attracts attention to the shadow of the beauty of the historical place, said: My dream is a tube passage project. With the permission of Allah, we will remove the new bridge from here when we realize this project in order to get better sound in tourism. In fact, there is a physical risk when passing over this new bridge. Therefore, we have started the initiatives of the National Parks and Cultural Heritage of nature, if we can get permission from the protection of the new bridge as soon as possible to remove the transition from here to the tube pass through. In the coming period, this bridge will be removed from here, just like in the picture we will work for a bridge Ön.
The Beyşehir District Governor Muzaffer Başıbüyük is serving for a century. to celebrate the year and bring this beauty to everyone's attention, these events were organized together. In the 100 Basbic, which was also put into service as of 1908, reminded that it is a regulator. . On the other hand, it has provided great services for people to come through and to facilitate people's work over a hundred years. In addition, the bridge is of great importance in aesthetics. In many cities, bridges, historical bridges are of course present, but the feature of the Beyşehir bridge immediately adds to the beauty of the city, just like a necklace. Therefore, it is the duty of all of us to ensure that this bridge is not worn out too much, does not harm its strength, and that its existence can be sustained. The new bridge, which started to serve in 1914 and closed down to traffic, of course provides a service, but this historical beauty shades Taşköprü, which forms the silhouette of the city. We also strongly support the new project proposed by our president. As Beyşehirliler I suppose you also support. Hopefully in the coming years, I hope that the state will bring our local administrators to a very unattractive bridge in front of this Taşköpr. I wish Taşköprunun centennial activities be auspicious auspicious ün.
After the protocol speeches, 100 disabled children who watched the activities with their families were given various gifts. Then the balloons in the hands of the disabled students left the sky with Taşköprü together with the field created a visual feast. Within the scope of the events, a giant age cake containing the visual stone reflecting the stone was cut by the protocol, while the exhibition of the photographs of Beyşehir, which was exposed on the bridge, was opened. The county protocol was visited later, while in the other part of the events, the taekwondo and kick boxing performances were performed by the participants.

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