Heart attack in Izmir metro (Video)

The moment of a heart attack in İzmir Metro: Abdullah Bağcı, who was noticed that he had a heart attack in İzmir Metro, thanks to the attention of the mechanic, died. What happened was viewed by the security camera in the subway. 3-year-old Abdullah Bağcı, who got on the subway train that made the Evka75 – Fahrettin Altay flight yesterday, got sick when he passed Konak Station. The driver of the train noticed the old man, who fell to the ground between the passengers' gaze, from the closed circuit camera system inside. Machinist Bülent Yılmaz immediately contacted the control center. In the wagon, which was welcomed by the paramedics at the next stop, heart massage was performed as a first intervention. The 112 Emergency Medical teams, informed by the control center, also came and intervened to the passenger and continued his heart massage for minutes. The passenger, who was brought back to life with heart massage by the metro staff, was taken to Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital, but could not be saved.




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