The reasons for stopping of the Ovit Mountain Tunnel

Mount ovit tunnel's stopped reasons: Rize-Erzurum highway construction time on the route and after completion to become Turkey's longest tunnel planned Ovit Mountain operation in Tunnel was stopped due warning system and ventilation.
Governorship of Rize, Rize-Erzurum highway route in 2 thousand 640 altitude Ovit Mountain in construction time and completed when Turkey's being a long tunnel planned Ovit of work on the tunnel, warning systems and reported that stopped due to ventilation. 15 On the other hand, a worker named Ilyas Kilicarslan, who worked in the construction of the Ovit Tunnel in September, lost his life as a result of the truck rolling in the vertical area.
In a written statement made by the Governorship of Rize, it was stated that the need for informing the public about the job security was needed during the construction phase of the Ovit Tunnel, which is an important gateway to the opening of Rize to the south.
The decision of the delegation to stop the Ovit Tunnel from the Labor Inspection Board under the Ministry of Labor and Social Security was stated to have reached İkizdere District Governorship on 23 July 2014.
According to the statement, stopping the operation of the tunnel 3 reasoning is reported by this decision, the findings of both Rize-İkizdere and Erzurum-Ispir side of the tunnels were reported to be valid. Sistemi There is no emergency warning system inside and outside the tunnel. In the measurements made within the tunnels, it was determined that the level of toxic gas exceeded the reasonable level. In the tunnels, the ventilation system is not sufficient and there is no suction system. The statement, the company also stated that the work done on the issues mentioned in the 2 September 2014 İkizdere District Governor stated that the transmission, the following statements were included:
Ili The Labor Inspection Board under the Ministry of Labor and Social Security has sent the Ministry of the Interior to the Governorship of 2 on October 2014, when 21 was sent to the Ministry of Interior with the letter of 2014 dated October 24. 2014 October 30 sent to the Governor of İkizdere to be made in accordance with the date of the decision.
The statement, the company at the request of the labor inspectors from Ankara to inspect the tunnel and the work to be stopped because the deficiencies have not been fully resolved was stated that the continuation of work, the following were recorded: he wanted. The Ministry also allowed access to the tunnels, provided that only security work could be carried out. The permission in this direction was communicated to the company on 10 November 2014. The company continues its work on security measures under the permission. When these studies are completed, the labor inspectors will make a new investigation and decide.


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