Gospel and ring road industry

Toki and ring road gospel to the industrial tradesmen: The road problem of the road passing through the military in the direction of Diyarbakır road from Karaköprü district of Şanlıurfa and the unfinished construction will be eliminated.
Mayor Celalettin Güvenç, Mayor of Eyyübiye Mehmet Ekinci, President of Evren Industrial Site Mustaf Aslan, Chairman of OSB İbrahim İletmiş, NGO Representatives and Industrial Merchants Participated in the meeting.
Here he listens to the problem of industrial tradesmen and evaluates the demands on the construction of the ring road President Guvenc, the construction of the road to the end of the construction of the unfinished Perimeter of the way to end and the OIZ and industrial tradesmen are looking for space for the construction of TOKI said.
Eyyübiye Mayor Mehmet Ekinci stated that the tradesmen in the district of Eyyübiye were open to the opinions and suggestions required for the solution of the problem.
Evren Industrial Site Chairman Mustafa Aslan, the biggest problem of the industrial shopkeepers for the construction of the half-way ring road to the Mayors and said that the works will be done as soon as possible thanked everyone who contributed.
OSB Chairman of the Board of Directors of the OIZ shopkeepers to the great importance of the construction of TOKI housing will be of great importance to find a solution to the transportation of the city with the repair of the remaining ring road will be found.
After the meetings and meetings, Mayors and NGO Presidents went to the industrial tradesmen and listened to the problems.

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