Çatak Bridge was destroyed in Samsun

Çatak Bridge collapsed in Samsun: Çatak Bridge collapsed in Çatak Neighborhood of Çarşamba district of Samsun, due to the downpouring rain since last night.
The downpour, which started at night and increased in the morning, showed its effect in Çatak Mahallesi. The downpour in the Çatak Neighborhood of Çarşamba district caused overflow of Çatak Creek. While the bridge that divides the neighborhood on the overflowing creek into two, collapsed, a part of the road was flooded. While the people of the neighborhood experienced panic after the collapsed bridge, District Headman Latif Yılmaz said, “We asked for help from the Metropolitan Municipality. The bridge was destroyed with flood water along with its grille. We are already having a problem getting to some of our neighborhood. "As soon as the water level rises, we will connect our efforts to open our way to this bridge and transportation."

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