Sahin, Bursa High Speed ​​Train Line Considered Comments

Sahin, Bursa High Speed ​​Train Line Commented on: AK Party Bursa deputy Huseyin Sahin, Bursa-Ankara and Bursa-Istanbul high-speed train (YHT) line to pass through Inegol evaluated the statements. Sahin, YHT construction of Bursa-Yenişehir-Osmaneli continued to be over, but this route if there is a problem in the Inegol will be taken as an alternative line, he said.

Stating that 5.5 years ago they introduced the citizens to the high-speed train as in Europe and developed countries for the first time with the Ankara-Eskişehir line, Şahin said, “After that, we put the Ankara-Konya railroad and finally the Istanbul-Ankara railway into service. Our goal is to create a 2023 thousand-kilometer high-speed train network in the whole country by 10 and to renew the train lines we call conventional lines to optimize them. "We want to make the railways comfortable, just as we make the transportation on the road, sea and air way comfortable by renewing the locomotives and wagons on the high-speed train line and conventional lines."

10 thousand kilometers within the network will connect Bursa to Istanbul and Ankara, which will connect to the construction of the YHT line at the beginning of the 2013 reminded the beginning of the ground-breaking Deputy Sahin, ın Although the geographical conditions are very difficult, the construction of high-speed tunnels and tunnel construction, we continue the construction of high-speed train . Bursa-Ankara and Bursa-Istanbul high-speed trains will be connected to Yenişehir from Yenidoğan to Ankara and then to Istanbul-Ankara train line. Bilecik was originally planned. It was abandoned because of the geographical conditions. Then Vezirhan was planned. From there, because of the landslide area was given up, Or he said.

Underlining that the works are currently continuing on the Osmaneli line of Bilecik, Şahin said, “When performing a service, the state definitely develops an alternative. Currently, an alternative study is being done via İnegöl as an alternative to these routes. So this is an alternative study. Will it happen or not, this will be decided over time. This means what will happen and what will not happen. If there is a geographical obstacle on the State Railways, Osmaneli line must have an alternative route. A related project tender will be held on December 11, 2014. This is purely an alternative line. The system will not stop if the other lines we have mentioned are not formed. A new alternative route is created. The last alternative is to connect the line to Bozüyük through İnegöl. Ground studies are made regarding where the alternative line will pass, and some studies are carried out. Even the preparation of the alternative project is nice. State Railways is preparing alternative routes for Bursa-Ankara and Bursa-Istanbul lines. In case of a malfunction, plan B is also passed. If there is a problem in the Osmaneli line, the İnegöl plan is activated. This does not mean that the high-speed train will definitely pass through İnegöl. There was a problem on the way from Yenişehir to Vezirhan, it was abandoned. He said "Osmaneli is currently being worked on".



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