Split road length in Kayseri reaching 502 mileage

Split road length in Kayseri 502 kilometers reach: Kayseri Governor Orhan Düzgün, together with the studies carried out this year, announced that the divided road length in Kayseri has reached 502 kilometers.
Governor Düzgün, in the evaluation of road construction work, Highways 6. He said that the Regional Directorate had been working on the South Ring Road with Pinarbasi, Sariz, Bunyan, Himmetdede, Tomarza and Erciyes throughout the year.
Not only in the region of Kayseri, the transit route is located in an important junction point because of the other regions of the country due to the record of the smoothness of the plain, due to the geographical location of the transportation has become extremely important in Kayseri, said the work in this area is given special importance.
Vali Düzgün pointed out that road comfort is one of the indispensables of transportation along with the safety of life and property. He said that the divided road network is one of the most important infrastructure systems that constitute the basis of the development of the city and its socio - economic development. .
Governor Duzgun, Directorate of Highways, the total length of the 23 km Erciyes Ski Center and the center of the road connecting the center of the road was completed, the road to Bogazköpürü-Himmetdede, Kayseri-Sivas and Kayseri-Pınarbaşı and Kayseri-Tomarza road works were completed by the completion of the divided road works, he said.
Governor Düzgün stated that the works on the South Ring Road, which has a total length of 12 kilometers, will be completed and put into operation in 2015, and reiterated that they are in an effort to develop and improve the trade, industry and especially tourism activities in Kayseri. underlined the great contribution.

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