Rizeli housewives interesting road closure action

Interesting roadblocking action from Rize housewives: Housewives, who said that their houses were cracked due to road construction works, were on the Veliköy highway, which continues to work in Rize.
In Rize, interesting images were experienced in the road closure action performed by housewives.
On the Veliköy highway, which continues to work in Rize, the village residents who claim that their houses are cracked due to road construction works have closed the Veliköy road to vehicle transportation and asked the road officials to come. By placing three cans on the road, the housewives, who criticized the construction company they protested and blocked the road, discussed with the vehicle drivers who wanted to open the road from time to time.
They did not open the road for someone who was sick
An old pickup truck driver claiming to be sick in his vehicle came to the section where the road was cut and said, "There is a patient in my car, open the road." However, the protesting housewives said they would not open the way. The old citizen, who got out of his car and went to the women, shouted, “There is a patient, do not shout me in the car. Surprisingly something. Open the way. Please don't be sick with the patient, please. Don't make the man sick. ” When women did not open the road despite this reaction, the old citizen had to go back and use another route.
Police officers who came to the scene shed language for a long time to persuade the protesting women. Stating that the road will not be opened, Nuriye Yıldırım said, “The road will not be opened. The highway manager will come here. Two is two four. That's it. ” The police officers' persuasion efforts have not yielded any results.
Baki Yılmaz, Rize Police Department Security Branch Manager, came to the scene. Yilmaz's efforts, trying to persuade women with sweet words, gave results in a short time. Women opened the road to traffic provided that their demands were heard.
Asiye Yıldırım, one of the residents of the village, said, “Our houses were cracked while the road work was being carried out. The governor said that he could not live in these houses. We evacuated six houses and went out for rent. However, no one was concerned with our problem. ”
Mine Meral said in a statement, cracked the houses, because they are dangerous to enter the house by specifying the authorities said they expect help.

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