Pendik-Sakarya Regional Train Flights Start Next Month

📩 30/11/2018 18:13

Pendik-Sakarya Regional Train Expeditions Begins Next Month: CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman with Gebze-Arifiye made a survey between.

CHP Kocaeli deputy, General Director of TCDD Süleyman Karaman together with the high-speed train between Gebze-Arifiye took a survey. Akar received information from Karaman. Karaman stated that the commuter train will be put into service by the end of this year. In the Gebze region, the question of whether or not the High Speed ​​Train stopped only once, said Karaman, ısı the number of trains will increase and 2015 will be the end of this.


General Director of TCDD Süleyman Karaman made a statement in Gebze. There are some shortcomings, we will make all preparations towards the end of this year and our regional lines will be operational Bazı. We train one thousand in Turkey 1 6 the world grain Karaman said, "this feature 250 km speed train going to have a system capable of measuring all dimensions of the road," he said. Expressing the importance of railway traffic at the place where signal traffic Karaman said, ece now there is a bit of a signaling about the signalization, yet not completed. There is one line between Gebze and Köseköy. Ş


. All our lines were tested, Re said Karaman. The line was put into operation by taking the security certificates Güven. Adapazarı-Istanbul (Pendik) regional trains will be opened by the end of this year, indicating that Karaman, Kar completion of the preparations between Arifiye-Pendik end of 2014 passenger transport will begin. Trains will depart from Arifye Gar until the connection to Sakarya Bus Station is completed. Regional line At the 5 station (Arfiye-Sapanca-İzmit-Gebze-Pendik) in the first place, the existing Diliskelesi, Tavşancıl, Hereke, Körfez, Derince, Kırkikievler, Köseköy and Büyükderbent stations will be put into service. The completion of these stations will last for 1 years.


Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train project 511 250 km long 41 independent of the current line of full-electrical and signal-new high-speed high-speed railway construction that includes Karaman, ı Total 31 xNUMX xNUMX xNUMX xNUMX pieces length of distance, 14,5 pieces of viaduct, 27 pieces 52 pieces culverts, 212 pieces culverts, 620 pcs culverts, 32 pieces of bridges, 942 pieces were built in line with art structure making total 3 pieces, köprü he said. Karaman will be the 2 hour between Ankara and Haydarpaşa. Now we've built an 40 km tunnel, with another 10 mile left. After completing this, we will connect Ankara to Istanbul Bunu.


Karaman; A citizen of Adapazarı, who came to Arifiye and then to Pendik and finally to Haydarpaşa, how will a citizen go, from Pendik to Marmaray? asked Akar'a, Pendik'da 3 have put a bus. These buses will be used for now. If this line works well, HalkalıThere will be a line up to. Currently in Pendik, Haydarpaşa Halkalı There is work between. 1,5 needs an annual study. We also continue to work intensively. Çalış


The center of logistics in the Köseköy region will be Akar, here will be serious problems. Derince and other ports before the load will take the whole load now. There are serious trucks and containers in here. There is a very cramped situation here, he said. Commenting on this, Karaman said, yapan We came to the region and studied it. There may be some trouble with the environment. But there's no other place. We decided to be a logistics center here. Kocaeli industry will load the cargo from here. We will try to do this without causing too much damage to the environment. We have not yet completed the Logistic Village, but a thousand vehicles will enter the day when completed. We established Logistics Management. Works are continuing.

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