Pedestrian-bike path is the right turn on the road

Pedestrian-bicycle path is the same way on the road: Gemlik Municipality, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BUSKI carried out together with, Cumhuriyet District Manastır Mevkii and Kayıkhane Region came to the final stage of road works.
The teams who completed the pedestrian and bicycle path arrangements before, continue on the road to the pavement works at full speed. The Mayor of the Municipality, Refik Yilmaz, who examined the works together with Deputy Mayor Vedat Buyukgolcigezli and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Road Department Branch Director Nazim Yalcin, stated that the transportation alternatives increased. Gemlik Mayor Refik Yilmaz, Republican residents living in the seaside of the safe and landscaping completed a nice way to live in the happiness of the said more experienced.
Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe and BUSKI officials also thank the Mayor Refik Yilmaz, Muammer Ağım State Hospital District, Çamlık Region, Factory Houses connecting the main street with the boathouse and the Atamer road after the expansion of the region said they had added a fifth alternative route. Refik Yilmaz, ve Both pedestrians can do walking and sports, as well as cycling sports a multi-purpose and safe way was opened. We will also complete the paving of the vehicle road in a few days. Thanks to this road, we will be relieved by the flow of traffic in our region called Kumla. Our district get auspicious auspicious uğ he said.
Gemlik Mayor Refik Yilmaz, vehicle road asphalting works will continue in the landscaping and arrangement studies, the district will have a beautiful coastal path, he added. Refik Yilmaz, coast paving after the asphalting work on the roads of the highway and the back streets and heralded that will continue.

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