Stones are removed, asphalt is pouring

The stones are being removed and the asphalt is poured. Some of the Aliagans welcomed the work of asphalt, while others have said that there are much more needed neighborhoods and streets than those designated for these studies.
As with Aliağa, a series of debates about the paving of roads as a threat to health and the inadequacy of asphalt against rain water became the subject of debate during the week in social media. Some of the Aliagans welcomed the asphalt works, and some of them stated that there were neighborhoods and streets that were much more needed than those designated for these studies.
We tried to reach the authorities of the municipality in order to get information about what will be the disassembled stones, whether the rain water will cause problems on the new asphalt roads and the problems that the asphalt might cause in terms of health, but we have not yet been able to obtain information because we cannot reach the authorities. However, in the article published in 22 May 2012, the Environment Mission Platform states: ere As soon as the American Environmental Protection Agency approves, the carcinogenic and toxic compounds found in the asphalt have made asphalt an environmental problem. Exposure to asphalt can cause harmful health effects for humans and animals. The levels of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in asphalt fumes (PAH) constitute a potential environmental threat for particularly sensitive ecosystems. Asphalt, which dissolves in water or dissolves on land and leaks into streams and other water sources, creates toxic and carcinogenic effects on living organisms. The presence of some PAH compounds in water pipes proves this dangerous situation. Su
A citizen, in the message he shared on social media shared his views on the construction of asphalt instead of the stones removed in Aliağa. Share comments about the issue drew attention. Here are the comments:
Cumhur Güney: Dear friends. I would like to share with you a subject that is noteworthy Mr. President is making asphalt paving quickly. In my opinion, the stones were more healthy and beneficial. As there is no rainwater drainage system in the substructure of Aliaga, asphalt is not healthy.
İbrahim Güngör: The stones in Aliağa were not trenches, they were not healthy.
Kubilay Yildiz: I completely agree with what you say, it doesn't make any sense to break the roads and pave the road, especially when there are roads that have not been opened. It is also a separate issue for the citizen to advertise and serve as if they were their own services.
Murat Şen: In my opinion, this asphalt or parquet has become too long. Parquet is not working as well as the municipalities are not working thanks to the public is not a nightmare? He opened up every place but didn't hang up. The unstructured and unscheduled substructures of the substructures were closed. The tires of the vehicles caused damage to the undercarriage. In rainy weather, the nightmare was wicked. Therefore; Asphalt and the road shortage in neighborhoods has been overcome. I congratulate the President on this.
Everything is a user named Aliağa: You're trying to be neutral, you say no criticism, but it's a pity that the people's money is no different than the others. They want thirty million in debt. I suppose it was very urgent to break the roads properly and again, I think there are places that are more urgent. You've been in touch with the right thing. People are taking notes.
Murat Şen: The above comment was very unfairly. They do not see things done to say that they do not differ from the other. If you are an Aliağalı, I must say that you have been riding with glasses so far. Half of what others have done in 5 years, six to seven months. How yesterday was the bus stop until now was how. Hunter Ramadan region is being revised. Let go in vain polemic. This guy's working, he's gonna work. People are taking notes of good things and bad things. That's why he's voting for the man who works hopefully. If President 5 can complete all the projects he continues to do in the year, the public will drop the required grade in the ballot box.
Muharrem Şahin: Rain water may be a problem, but asphalt contains carcinogen, I think human health should be given importance.
Aydın Tokal: The offender is the newly elected mayor who has not arrived in the former presidents .. asphalt is a carcinogenic substance. The summer breathes directly into man. Service is nice thing but needs to be more careful. This is the neck of all presidents. Human life has to come first of all, respects.
İlkan Şengül: What did I wonder about the ripped stones? The friend talked about the bus stop, but how much did that dolmuş stop cost? Pity it's not a sin to spend so much money on a dolmus stop. Moreover, it is only done in one place why not do in other places? These are the smells of advertising.

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