Ovit Tunnel construction interrupted within the scope of occupational safety measures

Ovit Tunnel Construction Suspended within the Scope of Occupational Safety Measures: The 14-kilometer-long Ovit Tunnel construction, whose drilling work continues within the boundaries of the İkizdere district of Rize, has been suspended since November 3, as part of occupational safety measures.
Turkey and was identified as the world's longest, one of the highway tunnel project Ovit Tunnel Project in Karaman Ermenek made after the mining disaster occurred in the district examination was missing some procedures related to job security. It was stated that the tunnel construction was stopped on November 3, 2014 in order to eliminate the deficiencies, and the tunnel construction will start until the end of the month with the removal of the deficiencies.
It was noted that the occupational safety experts researched to the finest details in tunnel construction, they wanted the closed-circuit toxic gas measurement system required in mines to be installed in the tunnel construction, even though there are carbon dioxide measuring devices, and that this device was brought from abroad, and there was a waste of time in the start of the construction. It was learned that this system, which was brought from abroad and is currently in Istanbul Customs, will be brought to the Ovit Tunnel construction and put into the system as soon as possible.
Drilling completed over 50 percent and built as a double-tube tunnel, the world's longest 4. When finished with length, while Turkey will carry the distinction of being the # 1 tunnel. The Ovit Tunnel will consist of two 12.6 km long main tunnels. With the 1.4-meter-long tube opening and closing tunnels, the total length of the double tube will be 28 kilometers. The total length of the tunnel will be 14 kilometers. There will be a 2-meter-long ventilation shaft in the tunnel opening to a peak of 600 altitude.
Following the completion of the Ovit Tunnel, the route will increase its strategic and commercial importance with the completion of the 7 thousand 200-long Scratch Tunnel and the 3-meter-long Kavak Tunnel on the Rize-Mardin highway route, which is continuing between İspir and Erzurum.
With the completion of the tunnels, the Rize-Mardin Highway will be shortened by 50 kilometers to 200 kilometers. Ovit Tunnel construction started on May 13, 2012 with the groundbreaking ceremony attended by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

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