Thousands Of People Were Left On The Old Wagoners In Bursa (Photo Gallery)

Thousands of old wagons stayed on the road during the scholarship: the failure of the underground car in Bursa caused the transportation to be locked. Due to the breakdown in the evening hours, the residents of Bursali have been delayed for half an hour.

An old wagon in Malatya Şirinevler station that was integrated into the system failed in the evening. Anosta made by the officers, the vehicle in front of the malfunctioning was specified. It is reported that other vehicles failed due to the old type wagon that failed.

Passengers were taken to the direction of Arabayatağı by another vehicle after waiting about half an hour. Citizens of the old wagons to give up Burulaş'in, said they expect new wagons often have experienced similar failures recorded. Bursaray's old wagons are frequently brought to the agenda due to malfunction.

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