Drought barrier to Nissibi Bridge

Nissibi Euphrates Bridge 'What drought obstacle: the decline occurred due to drought Ataturk Dam's water level, Turkey's longest will be the third suspension bridge Nissib has caused a 3 month delay in the construction of the bridge - thanks to changes made in the material transport system being constructed bridge It will be completed in 4 months.
due to a decrease in the water level of the Ataturk Dam, Turkey's longest suspension bridge will be the third Nissib the bridge construction was delayed for 3 months.
The construction of the 610 meter long Nissibi Bridge, which will connect Siverek of Şanlıurfa and Kahta districts of Adıyaman, which is described as the "Bosphorus Bridge" of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, was caught in drought barrier. Construction materials were disrupted for 3 months when the materials to be used in the bridge construction could not be carried due to the decrease in water level.
After the change in the carrier system, the Nissibi Bridge 4 will be put into service after month.
- 95 percent completed
Günsan Group Representative Arif Erdiş, who made the production, told the AA reporter that they planned to open the bridge called "Nissibi", which was started about 2 years ago, and which is an old settlement in the region, on October 29.
However, due to the drought, the water level in the reservoir in the summer months decreased by about 3 meters, which is expected to be more than expected.
“The system, which carries the materials used in the construction of the bridge, was out of service due to a 3-meter reduction in water. Therefore, there was a 3-month delay in opening the bridge to service. Thanks to the change we made in the transportation system, the construction work of the bridge was resumed. The bridge, 95 percent of which has been completed, will be opened approximately 4 months later. ”
- “We have been waiting for the construction of this bridge for years”
The length of the 610 meter, the middle clearance of the bridge with the 400 meter in a short time to citizens who want to complete the journey by drawing attention to the difficulty of the ferry, said:
“We have been waiting for the construction of this bridge for years. It was reported to open in October. However, there was a delay due to the decrease in the water level. It is stated that it will open in March 2015. Nissibi Bridge is of great importance for local people as well as tourists coming to Adıyaman, Şanlıurfa and Diyarbakır. Because, tourists coming from Diyarbakır or Siverek travel 170 kilometers to reach Nemrut Mountain. 120 kilometers of roads will be shortened when the bridge is opened. For this reason, the bridge will make a great contribution especially to the tourism of the region.

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