Nemrut Ski Center Reaches New Runways

Nemrut Ski Center Has New Tracks: Nemrut Ski Center in Bitlis's Tatvan district will serve ski lovers with its new tracks.

3 tracks, which were completed in Nemrut Ski Center in Tatvan district of Bitlis, were put into service for ski lovers.

Nemrut Crater Lake and Nemrut Mountain, which were selected as the first and received the "Excellence Award" within the scope of the European Elite Destinations (EDEN) Project, are flooded by nature in summer and ski lovers in winter.

Due to its location, the ski resort between Nemrut Crater Lake and Lake Van is made more convenient with its new runways and offers skiing opportunities with a unique view to those who love skiing.

Yalçın Sözbilici, Secretary General of Bitlis Special Administration, told AA correspondent that the ski center has served with only one runway so far.

Sözbilici said, "As the Special Provincial Administration, we have added 3 new tracks to the ski center, which has a runway at the foot of Mount Nemrut."

“Due to the south facing of the facility, we sometimes had trouble keeping snow on the track. Since there were no alternative tracks, it was a problem for beginner and professional skiers to ski together. As we observed these, we decided to open 3 new tracks to the facility. I hope our citizens will enjoy skiing in the facility in winter. The private company runs our facility. Thus, ski lovers will ski comfortably on 4 tracks. We are ready for the ski season this year. "

"The facility has become more functional"

Stating that the tracks of the Special Provincial staff, vehicles and facilities that they do transfer to the Promise, as an institution after the work of the plant has become more functional, he said.

Informing that the facility has runways up to 5 kilometers in length, Sözbilici said, “There are also short ones among our alternative tracks. All stones in the middle of the runways were removed and left to the right and left of the runways. In addition, we made the slopes a little deeper and made it easy to keep snow ”.

A cafeteria and a hotel in the facility, to resolve the deficiencies they have made a proposal to the Council Sözbilici, will resolve the deficiencies in the direction of the decision and investment program will be resolved.

Expressing that they will organize the tracks within the bounds of possibility by keeping the road to the facility as open as possible in winter, Sözbilici said, “With the snowfall and the operation of the facility, ski lovers will be able to ski with pleasure. There is a view of Nemrut Crater Lake at the top of the facility and Lake Van below. This view cannot be found anywhere. "We invite all skiers to Nemrut."

Sözbilici added that the Nemrut road was built as a "tourism road" by the Highways, and that hot asphalt was laid on a certain part and parquet was laid on the remaining part, adding that it would be easy to reach the crater lake.