MUSIAD is establishing a logistic village

📩 24/12/2018 16:51

MUSIAD establishes logistics village: MUSIAD, which has locked to 2023 targets, has determined its 2015 strategy. MUSIAD Logistics Sector Board Chairman Taha said that they are planning to establish a logistics village in Gebze or Hadımköy.
The logistics sector, which will shoulder 2023 trillion foreign trade volume in 1.2, has been locked to the target. Industry representatives, who have developed new projects for the development of the industry, also set their 2015 targets. MÜSİAD Logistics Sector Board, which is one of the important representatives of the sector in this field, aims to establish a logistics village in Gebze or Hadımköy region in 2015. Emin Taha, the President of the MÜSİAD Logistics Sector Board, said that logistics is becoming an important element of trade and increasing importance every day. Taha, "Turkey 2023 500 targets a multi-billion dollar export figures in line with targets. It is almost impossible to achieve these goals without transport (logistics). ” Stating that MÜSİAD Logistics Sector Board is locked to 2023 targets, Taha noted that they draw a route to them every year in this field. Taha said, “In this direction, we also set our 2015 targets. First of all, we will start the construction of the MÜSİAD logistics vocational school. Then we will establish a logistics village in Gebze or Hadımköy region. ” Stating that they are planning to hold more panels and workshops in 2015, Taha stated that they will increase cooperation with universities. "By increasing our visits to neighboring countries, we will develop cooperation with all NGOs that are interested in the logistics sector in the regions," said Taha.
made significant investments in the logistics sector in Turkey, underlined that Taha, "Double roads, fast trains, the third bridge, just a few examples of the work we can show the Marmaray these investments. But we still haven't reached the point we want in the logistics area. ” Emin Taha continued his words as follows: “In our country, which has a bridge position connecting Asia and Europe, the fact that logistics is not managed from a single place and our country does not have a logistics master plan of its own, slows down the sector. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a public unit that will provide inter-institutional coordination by directing both the private and public sector from a single source. As members of the MÜSİAD family in the logistics sector, we are ready to provide any support to such a formation. ”
Emin Taha, who is also the Chairman of Taha Kargo, gave information about his company. 20 Turkey, stating that they serve with 40 branches in Iraq Taha, said that this year they switched to China. Taha said, “In 2014, we opened our China branch in Guangzhou. We continue our efforts to become a global company. ”

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