Mudanya Train Project is on the agenda of TCDD

Mudanya Train project is on the agenda of TCDD: Actually ulaşım The basis of the project, or rather the starting point is the transportation integration of the Metropolitan Municipality.
The target is…
At the same time, the high-speed train station in Bursa, Balat is the intersection of transportation systems.
In this context Bu
The first step was taken with the project prepared to extend Bursaray from Emek to Balat in order to meet high speed train. In fact, a preliminary project was prepared to meet Bursaray by high-speed train in Balat. Technical details are being worked on in order to find solutions to the determined route problems.
High-speed train construction has not stopped at the desired speed in the Bursa-Yenişehir stage and the uncertainties in the Yenişehir-Bilecik stage, which constitute the second stage, have not been solved.
TCDD's agenda also includes the Balat-Gemlik line within the scope of its goal of transporting the high speed train to the port with Gemlik and the free zone.
The most competent authorities announced this project as the gospel.
After the Gemlik connection, which will bring the high-speed train to the port, there are also important negotiations for the high-speed train-maritime connection.
The importance of maritime connection in Bursa-Istanbul transportation is gradually increasing. This increases the importance of Mudanya, which has become the sea gate of Bursa to Istanbul.
That's why…
The Mudanya Train project was brought up to bring those who came from Istanbul to Mudanya both by high speed train and Bursaray.
A light train system was adopted for Mudanya Train, which is different from what is known as the system, but similar to the city suburban lines.
When the project is realized…
Mudanya Train will not only meet the fast train by sea, but will also combine Mudanya and Gemlik with the Balat junction. In a sense, a railway network will be established around the Bay of Gemlik, albeit with Balat connection.
At this point…
We recall that the first work on the new project was started by Burulaş, the transportation institution of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. The readers of these columns also read the development first on 3 May 2013 day.
After that day…
Representatives of metropolitan and Burulaş also frequently discussed the project with TCDD, the high speed train investor. Finally, the project which will enable the integration of high-speed train-Gemlik-Mudanya while combining the Mudanya Train and the high-speed train and the sea road was also put on the agenda by TCDD.
No doubt Kuş
The interest and support of the political will will be the most important determinant in the future of this project.

Station BalatA, AlmondEat?

Although… Mudanya Train put the project on the agenda of TCDD and started to prepare the investment planning, but we heard that there were two different opinions about the station location in the project.
According to this…
Taking the first step, Burulaş thought the station as Bademli Junction in the new project, while Balataims to reduce the intensity. However... TCDD experts in order to eliminate transfer problems BalatThe high-speed train in Bursa wants to make the intersection point of Bursa Railway Station.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yilmaz

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