Moving minutes in Izmit Train Station

Moving minutes in Izmit Train Station: There were moving minutes in Izmit Train Station. At the entrance of the garage there was a discussion between the suspect and the police. While the person was taken into custody, the bag was taken out of the garage in any case and an expert team was called.

Coming to Izmit Train Station and wanting to get on the High Speed ​​Train, Necati Ö. put his bag into the x-ray device at the search point at the station entrance. Officials detected suspicious materials in the bag. The security guards wanted to search Neczati Ö.'s bag. Necati Ö, who did not allow this. security strikers began to argue with. Necati Ö.'s bag was left under a tree outside the station just in case and the police were informed.

The Shahıd, who also quarreled with the police teams who came to the train station, was detained. An expert team was called for the bag. The expert team, who examined the bag, did not encounter any dangerous situations. Necati Ö., Who was detained, was taken to the Saraybahçe Police Station. An investigation has been launched into the incident.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 18:28

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