Mimarsinan Viaduct to Join South and East

Mimarsinan Viaduct will unite the South and the East: The final phase has been reached in Mimarsinan Viaduct, which is one of the important passages in Kayseri, which will connect the Southern Ring Road and the Malatya highway.
The final stage has been reached at Mimarsinan Viaduct, which is one of the important passages of Kayseri, which will connect the South Ring Road and the Malatya highway.
AK Party Kayseri Deputy Yaşar Karayel visited Mimarsinan Viaduct together with Provincial President Hüseyin Cahit Özden and 6th Regional Director of Highways Aydoğan Aslan. Karayel, who received data (information) from the authorities about the viaduct that will connect the Southern Ring Road to Malatya, said that there is a very beautiful art structure in Kayseri. kazanstated that he would. Expressing that Mimarsinan Viaduct will be completed in the first five -1 years, Karayel stated as follows:
“The total length of this viaduct is 3 kilometers. This viaduct will be the road connection to Malatya. As a connection from the Garipsu Junction, this is a road network that will be connected to this road together with the Southern ring road from Nevşehir, before İncesu. Kayseri will have a direct Malatya road within 2 years without any traffic problem in the transportation axis along with the South Ring Road. Now a strip of our Southern ring road is opened normally. Another strip will open when seasonal conditions are available. The connection of this road is made in the direction of the protocol realized with our Metropolitan Municipality. MimarSinan Interchange took place here, we have one of the steel bridges stretch implemented in Turkey. This exercise was first held in Malatya. It is currently being implemented in Kayseri. The total cost is around 45 million. Hopefully, when this place ends, transportation to Talas will be simpler, it will be united with the Southern ring road, and our road network will be opened in the next 2 years. Good luck to our city. ”
Aydoğan Aslan, 6th Regional Director of Highways, stated that this viaduct is also known as Derevenk Viyadag and said, “Kayseri will provide the connection of the Southern ring road to Malatya. When we evaluate our project as a total viaduct, the huge art structure is 330 meters wide and its cost is around 45 million TL. The length of the project, which is now tendered, is 2.9 kilometers. The time of the job is 900 days according to the contract. We plan to complete it in November 2016, ”he explained.
AKP - AK Party Kayseri Deputy Yaşar Karayel, AKP - AK Party Kayseri Provincial Chairman Hüseyin Cahit Özden and Highways 6th Regional Manager Aydoğan Aslan also watched the simulation of the viaduct.

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