Images Of The Metrobus Accident On Cameras (Video)

Images of the Metrobus Accident On the Cameras: On 17 November, footage of a minibus hitting the metrobus by crossing the barriers appeared in Merter.

In Istanbul, on November 17, the 34 MTT 12-plate minibus under the direction of Salih Doğan entered the metrobus road near Merter at the Zeytinburnu junction and collided with the 34 TP 2277 metrobus used by Yasin Yıldırım, the minibus driver died and 8 people were injured in the accident.

Here are the images of that horrific accident appeared.

The horror that the passengers were experiencing was immediately reflected in the camera of the Metrobus.


In the images, it is seen that the metrobus going in the direction of Avcılar is overcrowded. A minibus picking up Russian tourists from the airport, on the way to Ankara in the E-5, gets out of control and suddenly hits the metrobus by crossing the barriers.

While the passengers are being thrown under the influence of the accident, the two drivers appear to be stuck in their vehicles.




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