Maçkaya cable car and ski resort

Maçkaya cable car and ski resort will be made when: AK Party Chairman of Trabzon Province. Adnan Gunnar stated that the AK Party of Turkey's medarıiftar 'Thank God we have not embarrassed at all so far. We have always won the favor of our citizens. What could be better than being a politician at such a party. New Turkey needs the AK Party.

Being a member of this party is above all things.
In all of our congresses where we perform 14 in Trabzon, we set out with a fraternal consensus. We sat with our friends who wanted to be a candidate. How important it is to start with consultations. Nor are we just tell our friends that it is important for Turkey for the district. One-list elections is a practice that we do to avoid disagreements with compromise and reconciliation. Thanks to our friends who thank you.

He knows how hard it is to take risks at a place called Small Moscow. Çaykara with its cosmopolitan structure. Tonya, the peace that comes from Torul.

I know that
We said that we had to build a ropeway to Maçka in time, and let us go through herpetic things. Now we are doing with the Metropolitan Municipality from Maçka to Sumela. Cakirgöl for everyone does not hold snow, there will not be facility. But we made international measurements. The most beautiful snow shed was the detection. The longest natural runway was identified. I'm a skier. A friend of ours who broke both arms while skiing. God willing, there will be a giant ski resort service, 'he said.

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