Lost pieces of Galata Bridge found

The missing parts of the Galata Bridge were found: the lost 4 fragment of the historic Galata Bridge was damaged in a fire in 1992 and buried in the water.
In January of the 1994 out of the water parts, lost function as a scrap sold to MKE appeared.
It was discovered that the lost 4 fragment, which is one thousand tons of the Galata Bridge, was sold to the Machinery Chemical Industry (MKE) on the grounds that it lost its function after 1992 year after the fire in 2. News: The Ministry of Culture and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality have launched a study in the Habertürk Newspaper, published in October, showing that the 23 fragment of the Galata Bridge was missing.
16 May 1992 focuses on the fire at the bridge to determine the fate of the parts. The unidentified fire caused 1912 to retire 80 years later. In the 24 May 1992, which was damaged after the fire, a large part of the historic bridge was placed between Hasköy-Balat. A portion of the historical bridge was buried in the water immediately after the fire. The fire-damaged two parts were buried under water due to the heavy load of construction materials. The 2 parts, which had a thousand tonnes of water under the water throughout the year, were taken out of the water in January, 1994, in the last period of the mayor of Nurettin Sözen.
However, under the water rusted and worn out parts, MKE has been sold as scrap for the loss of function appeared. The sale of the parts of the historic bridge was confirmed by the municipal sources that reached the old documents.
Nurettin Sözen, the mayor of the period, said, ular I have no knowledge of where it is sold. What is a governmental institution in the Machinery Chemical Industry, picking up that part and doing what? I have no idea about this sale. This is the first time I've heard. İlk

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