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Elmak Control Systems, in Istanbul Kadıköy- Eagle, Aksaray-Airport, KabataşWith SCADA solutions used in Bağcılar, Esenler-Kirazlı, Edirnekapı-Sultançiftliği lines and many other cities, it has become a sought-after partner in this field. Elmak was also the choice for SCADA solutions of the Levent-Hisarüstü line planned to be opened at the end of the year.

Elmak Control Systems Project Manager Serdar ŞALE said that they provide uninterrupted energy and passenger safety on one hand thanks to the SCADA solutions they offer for both the tunnel and the stations in a metro line.

In the beginning, kataner and energy system, tunnel ventilation fans, tunnel exhaust fans, jet fans, escalators, turnstiles, lighting and emergency exit lamps were all checked by SCADA solutions.

We want to get to know Elmak? Could you tell us about your structuring and work areas?

Elmak is one of the oldest companies in the sector. Currently, Elmak Control Systems, Eles Industrial Electrical Systems, Em-Glass Glass Machinery and automation 3 consists of separate groups. Our main company Elmak provides services in transportation sector and some industrial areas.

In the first domestic rail system SCADA project of our country, 2005-2006 began its activities in rail systems with the Edirnekapı-Sultançiftliği line.

In the following years, Gaziantep Tram - Izmir Metro, which is a big project in Izmir. Next Kadıköy-We took our projects in Kartal and other Istanbul. Currently, 25 people work on the engineering and commissioning side of Elmak. At the same time, our sister company Eles, which produces panels, has 21 employees.

How do you provide economic operation, passenger safety and comfort for rail systems in the transportation sector?

The SCADA system we offer consists of two stages; one is CER SCADA ie energy SCADA system and the other is Environmental Control SCADA system. This is already a known distinction.

The operator comfort of course provides the operator company. We should be the biggest helper of the company or the administration. The systems also need to be simple, but also of technical architecture to solve complex infrastructures. One of the most important issues in our business is application engineering. We are working hard to do it well and to reach international standards.

For example, we give the energy of the trac- tor system that gives the electricity of the train and we watch it. This is not enough if you do not support it with good reporting and a smooth topological coloring. And if there is an energy problem for any reason in the city, we can provide a good solution for passenger safety if it can safely tow the train by SCADA.

In addition to the right system architecture that is established in the first place, it is necessary to include business trainings, maintenance services and documentation.

Fire scenarios. The correct implementation of these scenarios is one of the most important parts of our business. Station equipment is also checked in an emergency in accordance with these scenarios. According to information from the fire zones, the most suitable fire scenario for passenger safety is recommended to the operators and the human error is minimized to ensure automatic operation of the system.

As I said before, a large part of our business requires working with the business. Business requests are very important for us.

What difficulties can be encountered in the installation and operation of SCADA? How do you overcome these challenges? For example; How to prevent communication failures in long-distance applications? What advantages do they provide to the user and the business?

This is where our company's experience comes into play. Since we are the company that has made the most applications in this field, we can anticipate the problems that will arise. For this reason, it is paramount to create the right architecture in the first place by considering such difficulties. As you know, these types of projects are awarded to contractor companies through state tenders. We subcontract them. Specifications can sometimes be outdated. Or it may be insufficient. Many times we prepare architectures above these specifications. Because we aim for the system to work properly, to enable easy commissioning and to be a system that can stay up to date for a long time.

We have been working in difficult industrial processes for a long time. In heavy industry such as cement-MDF, we have established a complete automation system of the factory. In such places the control is much more, but the site is smaller than a 20km subway line. These two systems have very different dynamics. Software and hardware for remote area systems often vary with process automation. It requires unique solutions.

We overcome communication infrastructure problems by using international communication protocols. In fact, R & D activities on this issue.

Imagine a fire in a tunnel and you're staying there. What kind of equipment do you control here to ensure maximum safety?

The moment of fire in the tunnel is not only a matter of us. The whole project is designed accordingly. Even the cables you see and don't even see are resistant to fire. However, since all of these electromechanical systems are controlled by us, it is important that the operation is performed regularly and maintenance of the equipment is important.

Our system includes tunnel ventilation fans, tunnel exhaust fans, jet fans, escalators, turnstiles, lightings, emergency exit lamps and so on. Controlled by SCADA.

There are two types of fire scenarios, one on the tunnel and one on the station. When the train is in the tunnel, it is ensured that smoke is evacuated with jet fans and tunnel ventilation fans at each station and passengers are directed towards the region where safe and clean air is located in the opposite direction. These redirections are of course thanks to the integration with the signaling system. Of course, automatic scenario applications vary according to business preferences.

In fires of the type we call suitcase fire at the station, we take actions such as opening fans, lighting, opening and closing fire curtains, working stairs, releasing turnstiles, by activating appropriate scenarios while the vehicle is at the station. Now KadıköyThere are over 150 fire scenarios in the Eagle subway.

Which lines and tunnels do you have in our country?

In Istanbul Kadıköy-Kartal line (M4), Aksaray-Airport (M1) line, Kabataş- Bağcılar (T1) line, Esenler-Kirazlı (M1B) Line, Edirnekapı- Sultançiftliği -Habipler (T4) line and Levent-Hisarüstü line, which are planned to be opened at the end of the year, are also among our Istanbul projects.

The Izmir subway was completely constructed by Elmak. Renovation of the old metro line in Izmir and the addition of new stations to the system. Also all the SCADA system of Eskişehir tram line is controlled by Elmak.

SCADA system has been constructed by us in line with the 3 line extension in Gaziantep tramway.

In addition, the construction of the Fast Train Station complex in Ankara continues, we will do the SCADA when completed. In the near future, we will realize the SCADA project of the Bandırma Menemen line of TCDD.

We have a large road tunnel SCADA and traffic control center project in Akcakoca. It was a two-step study. In the first stage we made the 4 tunnel and then added the 5 tunnel to our system. All integrations worked smoothly.

What services and features do you highlight in the industry?

Our biggest sales activity is our business. Although this is a very assertive sentence, we believe in it. We work really solution-oriented. We don't say no to our customer, because SCADA is the most recently commissioned system, integration with all devices, signaling, medium voltage, DC breakers, we are all talking. We have to do a good project management. We are specialized in application engineering. And we are also working on customer base. And we have to keep our service quality high by doing R & D activities in our field.

I There is a timepiece that does not exceed the budget of the project that does not exceed the time and does not exceed the budget of the project aş, are you really having trouble with this?

We take our guard accordingly. A metro project with 8-10 stations is normally asked to be completed in 8-9 months, but the field may not go that way. because there is the construction side and the electromechanical side and we are at the last place. We plan accordingly. We put forward our experience so that it does not exceed its time and budget. Maybe we have memorized this rhyme and we are trying to avoid it with experience.

Do you always use certain brand products in your projects or do you work independently?

We're definitely not brand addicts. On the contrary, we think that there are not enough brands in our country. But we have choices. In the commissioning phase, we do not take any product that may be a problem to us, no matter what brand.

What are the mistakes that are known correctly in SCADA? What should be considered for the right product selection?

SCADA projects are monitoring and control projects based on remote systems in general terminology. However, transportation and metro are slightly different from this. Currently, many companies are looking at the product names of architecture. However, metro-tram lines require unique solutions. This is the known and the most common mistake.

The priority requirement for the right product selection is determined correctly. It is also important in these elections that the level of care to be taken by the company will be maintained. Because the system you are installing is not a material you deliver, it must be dynamic and easy to operate.

Considering these, we think that the right product can be selected.

Transportation projects started to be used in safety systems subject to. You must have a team in order to meet the standards of redundancy and safety. We don't have a secure architecture with just choosing a redundant PLC olmRTU.

Which points do you aim to reach in the transportation sector in the coming period?

We are the company with the highest number of references right now. We'll start product development. And we are working with partner companies that are working together to follow larger projects abroad.

Who is Serdar ŞALE?

I was born in 1983 in Istanbul. After graduating from Marmara University, Department of Electricity, I did my master's degree in mechatronics at the same University. I have been working as a Project Manager at Elmak for a long time. After the projects are received, I carry out the coordination work with the technical team in project planning, follow-up of deadlines, customer relations management and team organization. – Newspartner

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