Konya-Afyon highway was closed from the snow, 15 kmlik vehicle queue occurred

Konya-Afyon highway was closed from snow, 15 km of vehicle queue was formed: The snowfall, which has been effective since yesterday evening in Konya, caused disruptions in transportation. While the transportation on the Konya-Afyon highway, which was closed due to its severe type, was provided one-way, a vehicle queue of approximately 15 kilometers was formed due to the fact that the direction of departure could not be opened. The teams are continuing to work in Gelemiş, on the 35th kilometer of the Konya-Afyon highway, to open the road to traffic.
Regional Traffic teams affiliated to Konya Police Department do not allow vehicles to pass towards Afyon starting from Konya exit. Many trucks and trucks stopped by the police are waiting around the Bosnia and Herzegovina Quarter and the bus station at the exit of the city. Some drivers claimed that the thickness of the snow reached 1,5 meters in places on the road closed to traffic.
Thousands of drivers, stranded because the road, which was closed yesterday evening, could not be opened, is waiting for the road to be opened to traffic. In order to open the road to traffic, it was stated that the works carried out with about 30 construction machines belonging to the Highways are continuing. Meanwhile, 14 workers who left the night shift were stuck in the service vehicles when they could not go on the road that was closed due to snow.
The truck drivers waiting on the road stated that they were stuck on the road since 22.00:XNUMX last night and said, “We have only one wheel to eat, we have nothing else to eat, the traffic crews do not let us into the city center. We were surprised what to do, let them help us as soon as possible. " he spoke.
According to the information obtained from the Highways, the teams continue their efforts to open the road to traffic.


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