Kars Municipality Launches Signaling and Lighting Works


Kars Municipality Launches Signaling and Lighting Works: The Municipality of Kars has started work on the signaling system in the city center and the illumination of streets and streets.
While the municipality was building a multi-point signaling system in the city center, the existing signaling systems were reworked.
President Murtaza Karachanta, many point signaling and lighting work said they started.
President Murtaza Karaçanta said, “The signaling system in Kars was quite old and deformed. After the completion of the expansion work on Ordu Caddesi, we installed a new traffic signaling system at the intersection. As Kars Municipality, our understanding is life safety above all. The signaling systems we have built in our schools and in areas where traffic flow is intense, has been put into operation ”.
On the other hand, the arrangement work is completed street and street lighting work began in the President Murtaza Karaçanta, Kars to develop and to be a livable city day and night work, he said.
Karaçanta, streets and streets of decorative lighting poles sewed, lighting work on the streets and streets will have a more secure and beautiful appearance said.
The Municipality of Kars has lighting work on Faikbey Street, Kazımpaşa Street and Atatürk Street. The municipality also illuminates the children's and recreation parks.

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