Greening the highways


Highways will be greened: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will undertake the landscaping of highways, which provide the transportation of Denizli to the neighboring provinces and the construction of divided roads. Büyükşehir will make the landscaping arrangement of the whole of the 10 highway that reaches Denizli.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Denizli, the construction of the divided roads completed with the refuge and landscaping itself will do. The General Directorate of Highways will take over the landscaping and maintenance works of the 10 highway, especially the Aydın, Afyon, Muğla, Burdur, Yeşilova, Uşak and Pamukkale roads where it has completed or is about to complete.
Metropolitan City Council, President Osman Zolan'a authorized on this issue. President Zolan 2002'den before coming to Denizli said that understood the way, '' Denizli, hot asphalt and divided roads before meeting the arrival of Denizli bozum asphalt and bad roads would be certain. Going to Izmir was done on a single lane road. We were jealous as we looked at the outlets of other provinces. Now it will be certain that it came to Denizli but this time with its beauty i.
After the signing of the protocol with the General Directorate of Highways, within the scope of the studies to be started, the irrigation systems of the 10 highway will be established, all of the cleaning works with afforestation and flowering works and the care of these plants will be done by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality.

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