Closed Sertavul crossing opened

The closed Sertavul Pass was opened for transportation: It was reported that the Sertavul Pass, which connects Mersin to Karaman, but was closed to vehicle traffic at around 23.00:XNUMX due to heavy snow, icing and its intensity, was reopened after the works carried out until the morning.
According to the information obtained, the Sertavul Pass in Mersin's Mut district, which has been closed to transportation due to heavy snowfall and the region, which has been closed due to icing and fog for about 48 hours, is controlled in the morning hours as a result of the works carried out by teams connected to the Regional Directorate of Highways. It was stated that it was opened to transportation in a way.
After the highway is opened to traffic again, the passage of the drivers is controlled in a controlled manner. Alahan District and Sert District of Mut District Traffic teams, stop the vehicles in motion, warns drivers to wear chains. Passage of non-chain vehicles is not allowed.
Highways teams to prevent snow and ice on the road continues to work uninterrupted.


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