If Izmit Tram Line Passing Through the Walkway

Do Not Do If Izmit Tram Line Will Pass The Walkway: The November meeting of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council will be held today. There is an important issue on the agenda of today's meeting. The Metropolitan Municipality will request authorization from the Parliament for obtaining loans from Iller Bank for the construction of the Izmit Tramway Project.

For the tramway project, Iller Bank is expected to receive a loan with a maturity of 10 and a low interest rate of TL 180. Most likely the bid will be sent to the Budget Commission today. Next month, the AKP will approve them in parliament. The fact that CHP members who do not leave the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality not telling for the Izmit Tram Project means that they reject the credit demand and deny themselves. CHP voters shouting dir Tram-Tram P will probably support this credit initiative.

Dear readers; Kocaeli, especially Izmit has serious traffic and transportation problems. It is not possible to solve this problem by public transport. The rail system-but from the ground, but from the air-is absolutely necessary. Tram is also one of the options.

Before the 30 March elections, AKP members exaggerated the “Tram Project Proj for Izmit. It was very absurd to bring tram to Anıtpark Square and enter the tram cabin and shake the citizens as soon as possible. They tied themselves up against the people. 30 March elections, especially in Izmit, "Tramway issue" was passed under the scope.

Now this business is actually starting. But still no clear information was given to the city. Where will the tram pass? It's not certain. Or It will be held between Seka Park and the Bus Station Park.

It can be well traveled between Seka Park and the Bus Station. From the edge of the coastal road, you can go under the D-100 and go to the Ataturk Boulevard from Leyla Atakan Street.

From the side of the Central Bank, Sahabettin Bilgisu Street to go, again Leyla Atakan'dan can go by the exit.

Even in accordance with the first project prepared years ago, the city center of Izmit is completely closed to vehicles, the tram goes along the Cumhuriyet Avenue (the lower street of the Walkway). This is also an option. But this tram, if the railway goes down to the coast of Izmit, the city is very large and perhaps the only difference that will pass through the Walkway; Everyone who loves this city must oppose it.

I criticize many things. But I believe and trust in the heart of Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu. I know very well that this work-tram passes through the Walkway - never into President Karaosmanoğlu'nun. If you're into this odd opposition to the city z You know where the tram. You promised before the election. Why don't you do it? Eden If he did not provoke Büyükşehir, Mayor Karaosmanoğlu could give up this project completely. Maybe that would be the best for Izmit.

No matter where you go .. Seka Park to run between the bus station, the problem of transportation to Izmit traffic problem will not bring a big plus. I always write; there is no transportation problem in the East-West direction of this city. People walk from the Walkway to wherever they want. The main transportation problem of this city is in the north-south direction.

For such a project that will not have a big solution to the problem, sacrificing the Way of Walk will be the greatest evil that can be done to the future of this city.

Moreover, laying the tram line on the Walkway is not easy. It will be necessary to displace all the infrastructure pipes under the Walkway. It will be necessary to lift and carry underground transformers on the edge of the Walkway which was made two years ago. The cost of this work will be very high; Maybe 4-5 will stop the whole life due to the construction in the city center of Izmit.

No one of them .. Metropolitan priority projects on the name of the traffic D-100 over the bridge intersections, submerged-output; There must be work to be done at the entrance of Old Gölcük Road, in the bridge of Justice.

20 years ago, in the period of Sefa Sirmen "Rail system" issue in the city came up for the first time. It has been decided to establish a rail system for urban transportation from Yarımca to Uzunçiftlik and a project has been prepared for the German company. But then Sirmen gave up this job.

Now, once again, I would like to ask President Karaosmanoğlu to be the only one in Izmit, thinking of the future of this city. Do not sign up for a project that will end the Walkway and destroy historic plane trees in the near future. Let the opposition "scare the tram, they did not keep their promises," he screams as much as he wants. If you take this tram in the middle of the Walkway, the future Izmit people will say something worse for you. Get credit from Iller Bank. Book two large covered parking spaces in the city center. Close to the city center cars. Promote the use of bicycles. But please, very please; Don't spend the tram on the hiking path.


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