İzmir Ring Road Harmandalı-Koyundere section is in service

İzmir Ring Road Harmandalı-Koyundere section is in service: AK Party İzmir Deputy Denizli "The 35 km long Harmandalı-Koyundere section of the İzmir ring road between '35 İzmir 9 Projects' will be put into service in November"
AK Party Izmir Deputy Ilknur Denizli, Izmir Ring Road Harmandalı-Koyundere section will be in service until the end of November, he said.
Denizli, together with Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, 2nd Regional Director of Highways, made observations at the Harmandalı-Koyundere section of the İzmir Ring Road. Stating that the works on the 35-kilometer route that constitutes the continuation of the İzmir ring road, which is among the “35 İzmir 9 Projects”, are at the final stage, İlknur Denizli stated that the project will be put into service in November as promised.
Stating that İzmir's transportation projects are progressing rapidly and that the Harmandalı-Koyundere section of the ring road, which will significantly relieve the traffic in Çiğli district after the 300 meters remaining in Konak tunnels last month, is about to be completed, Denizli, together with the side roads and connection roads included in the project, opened the 12,6 kilometer section. He said it will be done in the coming days.
Denizli said:
“As the AK Party, we have accelerated the transportation sections of 35 projects in order to eliminate the negligence and deficiencies of the local administration in the field of transportation and to facilitate the lives of Izmir residents. The projects initiated by our Izmir Deputy Mr. Binali Yıldırım during his ministry continue day and night. With the support of our transport minister Lütfi Elvan, we have come a long way in İzmir's transportation projects in a short time. In the continuation of the project, the Koyundere-Menemen section, which will ensure the integration of Manisa with Izmir and make export opportunities more efficient, will soon be put into service. "
- "Transportation is falling apart in Izmir"
Stating that transportation is at the top of the issues that Izmir residents complain about the most, Denizli said, "Transportation is falling in Izmir".
Defending that public transportation, which is under the responsibility of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is a complete disaster, Denizli said, “The people of Izmir are crying blood, so to speak. Due to the meaningless practices of the metropolitan municipality, our citizens are about to go crazy on the roads, stops and stations. Both connecting and sea transportation are a separate disaster. If you say new ships, it is another way of throwing Izmir people's money to the streets. "In modern cities, the first priority in transportation is public transportation, while in İzmir, public transportation is literally falling apart."

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