The Largest Payroll System Projects in the Izmir Metropolitan Budget

📩 30/11/2018 18:29

The Greatest Share Rail System Projects in Izmir Metropolitan Budget: The 2015 financial year performance program of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the budget for the 2015-2017 financial year were approved.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's 2015 fiscal year performance program and the 2015-2017 fiscal year budget was approved. Transportation projects will take the biggest share from the budget of 30 billion 3 million liras, increasing 892 percent compared to the previous year. A total investment of 251 billion lira will be made for the 2,5 projects in the performance program. In 2015, new ships, new metro and tram projects are waiting for İzmir.

In the transportation sector where the most resources are allocated with the share of 20 within the total budget of all sectors, rail system projects and passenger ship purchases are prominent. In 2015 135 million TL for passenger ship and car ferry purchase, 89 million for trolley lines, 82 million TL for light rail project vehicle purchase, and 25 million TL for additional lines to İZBAN network are foreseen. A total of 3 million TL budget has been determined for the monorail system that will provide access to the Evka33-Bornova Central metro line and the new fair complex in Gaziemir.
21's million TL has been allocated for the construction of parking lots, which are other important projects that will relax the urban traffic, and for the smart traffic system. The total budget allocated for the transportation sector was estimated to be 480 million TL.

As a result of the connection of nine new districts to the borders of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the share allocated to infrastructure works has increased significantly. In the new period, the city's infrastructure took the second place after transportation, taking the 16 of the total operating budget. Total 405 million TL was allocated to the lion's share of the sector, 220 million TL budget asphalt studies took. 65,8 million TL has been allocated to the highway overpasses and overpasses, while 12 million TL budget has been foreseen for the construction of new development roads. In the environmental sector where the budget is allocated 260 million TL, solid waste and green area activities come to the fore. 120 million TL has been allocated for the maintenance and maintenance of green areas, construction and maintenance of new city forests and recreation areas.


Expropriation activities, like every year, took the biggest share in the city conservation and planning sector, where 217 million TL was allocated, with 117 million TL. Uzundere, Ege Mahallesi with expropriation activities, 34 million lira resource, efforts to improve the historical environment and 32 million TL. Bayraklı The city transformation activities, which continued all over Izmir, followed. In İzmir, which will change the face of coastal resources allocated to the design work was projected to be 14,5 million. 258 million TL was allocated to social supports. Social Life Campus in Buca ongoing construction of the 35 million TL in this sector and "Milk Lamb" project stands out. The resource allocated for carrying out the activities of Eşrefpaşa Hospital is 53 million TL.

The first step is taken this year for the opera building, which Izmir residents are curiously waiting for. The building has the largest resource in the sector, which has a resource of 100 million TL, with 49 projects and 20 million TL in operations. The largest share in this sector, where projects focused on developing İzmir locally, is the new fair complex in Gaziemir called “Fuarizmir” with a budget of 80 million TL. The resource allocated to this sector, which includes activities to support the manufacturer, projects that will advance İzmir to make it a design city, cable car renovation works and İzmir Wildlife Park 2nd stage project, is 98,7 million TL. The largest share in this sector, where a total of 305 million TL is allocated and firefighting, police and protection and security activities are involved, is the expansion of the firefighter vehicle fleet with a budget of 100 million TL. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality budget for joint projects will be done with the county council's £ 50 million departure city transport backbone ESHOT, as envisaged aid of 240 million TL.


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