Here is the new ropeway route in Bursa

Here is the new cable car route in Bursa: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will solve the transportation problem of the neighborhoods on the southern slopes of Uludağ with the cable car network. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe from Ak Parti said that they have completed all the preparations to establish a cable car network from BursaRay Kültürpark Station to Pınarbaşı and from there to Kuştepe.

President Altepe, sağla Kuştepe'den 3 region, Alacahırka, Yiğitali and we will provide connection to Ivazpasa. Thus, those living in these neighborhoods with narrow streets, the city center will be able to go back to the air easily by using the same line of Uludag's 600-700 meters high unique highlands mah said.

Mayor Altepe, the transportation to the slope areas of Uludag deep breathing BursaRay Culture Park Station-Pinarbasi-Kuştepe-Yiğitali Cable Car Line will be put into service in the 2015 year. Preparing the project prepared President Altepe, the preparations of the transportation company's transportation company BURULAŞ and the next year will start the same year will complete the investment reported. Altepe, Kuştepe'dan Mountain at the foot of the mountain skirts of the Kyrgyzstan, Yigitali and Ivazpasa regions will be organized.

President Altepe stressed that he would breathe deeply into the region with low traffic due to the narrow roads and said la On the one hand we have downloaded the normal ropeway to the city center through Gökdere and Zafer Park, on the other hand we have produced an important alternative project that will solve the traffic in the city and increase the mobility. Our goal is to bring this project to life as soon as possible together with the transportation company BURULAŞ Bel.

Mayor Recep Altepe stated that not only the traffic density will be reduced by the cable car service line, but also that the people of Bursa, who use this line, can use the highlands of 600-700 meters. Mayor Altepe, who said that they will go to an arrangement in the highlands for promenade and recreation areas, will make these areas where people can easily use without disturbing their naturalness.

Am It is a visionary project that will give our Bursamız great breathing from every angle. Our people will reach the city center, the historical and cultural heritage of the city without getting annoyed by using the cable car line and on the other hand it will have a beautiful plateau. There will be sports, picnics. Use this line as a bus from the BURULAŞ system. We've accelerated our work on this. Our goal is to start and finish in the next year. To train to the end of 2015. X

In Bursa, the cable car still travels between the city center and Uludağ Kadıyayla and Sarıalan stations.