Test drive in Istanbul-Ankara YHT line

Istanbul-Ankara YHT line in the test drive: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, the CHP Kocaeli Deputy Heydar Akar Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train (YHT) in Gebze-Arifiye section of the line joined the Piri Reis Treni'yl test drive.

Speaking to reporters at Gebze Train Station, Karaman said that the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, assigned him to accompany Akar, who wanted to see the works on the YHT line on site. karaman, "65001" number Piri Reis Treni'yl the company opened a line of stating that an international certificate of tested and measuring systems, Piri Reis Train from one in Turkey, told us that the world in 6 pieces.

Karaman continued as follows: “When Piri Reis is traveling at a speed of 250 kilometers, the measurement speed of the lines, the measurement speed, the bridge, the tunnel, the scissors, the building signals, the longitudinal level, the wear values ​​of the rails, the line span and the difference (rail span), the right and left Detects defects in road geometry, crucial to line safety, such as alignment. While this train is measuring, the characteristic features of the road are given to the computer. We make these measurements from time to time and when needed. "

"Between Pendik and Arifiye will be reduced to 70 minutes"

Noting that the maximum speed between Pendik and Arifiye is 110 kilometers, Karaman said that when the signaling works are completed, it can increase to 140 kilometers, and the distance traveled in 120 minutes before will decrease to 70 minutes. Karaman said "A train is running between Gebze and Köseköy" and shared the following information:

“We cannot send a second train because there is no signal. When there is a signal, we will send it one after the other. The work on the YHT line connecting Istanbul and Ankara continues. By the end of this year, we will make all our preparations, complete our deficiencies and start operating regional trains. We will also control the Istanbul - Adapazarı line. "

CHP Kocaeli Deputy Akar

CHP Deputy Akar stated that his aim is to check whether the services needed by the people of Kocaeli are provided on time and to determine the deficiencies and to make efforts to solve the problem. Stating that the name of the train is high-speed train, but it does not go very fast, Akar said, “But faster than the old ones. We want it to be better. We want more accurate projects. We want these projects to be managed in a timely and correct manner ”.

Pointing out that he does not find it right for the train to only go as far as Arifiye, it should go as far as Adapazarı, Akar said: “The train needs to be connected to Haydarpaşa in some way. Everything does not mean 'new and modern'. It is also necessary to experience some history. People should cross from Haydarpaşa by ferry. We will continue the audit task. We will do our best for them to do better and higher quality work. "

After the statements, Karaman and Akar participated in the test drive of the Piri Reis Train on the Gebze-Arifiye line with journalists and ate on the train.


Günceleme: 30/11/2018 18:26

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