II.Abdulhamitin Filyos Harbor is dreaming more real

Filyos Port of Abdulhamit II Becomes More Real in Dream: II. Deputy Minister of Development and Deputy of Karabük Mehmet Ceylan gave the good news about Filyos Port, which has become the dream of Abdülhamid Han.

Another dream of Abdulhamit II from Kanalistanbul comes true.

Within the scope of Filyos Valley Project II. Deputy Minister of Development and Karabük Deputy Mehmet Ceylan, who has been spoken since Abdülhamid Han and has survived until today, stated that his allowance was 2014 Trillion TL, which was included in the 140 investment program. Deputy Minister of Development Mehmet Ceylan, who stated that the Port Project will contribute not only to the province of Karabük but also to the region of Zonguldak and Bartın, stated that the Filyos Port had previously objected to the Public Procurement Authority (GCC) and as a result of the objections concluded, He stated that he was being followed in person. Stating that Filyos Port is one of the issues it follows, Ceylan said: “It is a very important port not only for Karabük but also for our region. As you know about that port before, we have included it in the investment program. It is included in the 2014 investment program and has around TL 140 Trillion ready and allowance. Its tender has been made. But there were objections to this Public Procurement Authority (GCC). That resulted in objections. "


Deputy Minister of Development and Karabük deputy Mehmet Ceylan, 2014 investment program taken to the final phase of the Port of Filyos and the construction of the ground will be started after the tender, he continued his speech by saving; Etmek The Ministry of Transport follows these procurement procedures. Some additional decisions are required, as a result of these decisions, the tender will be concluded and the construction phase will be moved to the place of delivery. I hope that Filyos Port will be completed by 3 years ago. In the Filyos Port, infrastructure and breakwater will be built first. The Ministry of Transport will enter into a tender with the build-operate model of the port management which we call the superstructure. Again, we would like to complete this in three years in parallel. Yine

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