Hilalkentte Unpaved Street Will Not Stay

Asphalted Street in Hilalkentde Kalmalacak: Yakutiye Municipality, asphalt in hot weather, continues the pavement work. Mayor Ali Korkut, known as bacon writing, said that 15 is the perfect opportunity for daily warm air to complete its work calendar. Korkut, Hilalkent district asphalt works on the streets were examined by checking the work done.
Yakutiye Mayor Ali Korkut, the delays in the bidding process of municipalities from time to time caused a delay in the works' Pastirmid is the opportunity of writing, he said. Ali Korkut, alım You are buying materials or services related to asphalt material or pavement construction. Things may occasionally fail. These disruptions adversely affect the work schedule of municipalities. We are trying to compensate for bacon writing in the municipality. We have many pavement, asphalt, tile and curb works in many parts of the city. Warm weather is the opportunity and we are evaluating it in the best way. I
Hilalkent neighborhood in the ongoing construction of a two-point asphalt and sidewalk work is not completed street. Mayor Korkut, while inspecting the work on the spot, does not neglect to check the quality of the work done.


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