Every Road Leads to Yalova

📩 26/02/2019 18:12

Every Road Leads to Yalova: Our Yalova, between the three metropolises, will be the intersection point with the completion of the Bay Crossing Bridge and the highway that follows it. A Yalova landscape seeking a remedy between Istanbul, Kocaeli and Bursa is now the center of mega projects for the future with increasing importance and rapprochement.

Construction work on the bridge continues at full speed. While İzmir İstanbul will decrease to 3,5 hours, transportation to Yalova will naturally be shortened.

Here, our beloved Bursa has reached a strategic position by making faster and radical moves compared to Yalova. It will become the intersection point of high speed train transportation.

The high speed train will come to Gemlik. Works such as the Bursa sea bus (BUDO) and the 16-minute flight between Bursa and Istanbul are impressive.

See, the increase in the number of tourists coming to Bursa compared to four years ago 79. Very serious data.

I follow the developments in Bursa closely, I always keep an eye on Bursa. Of course, the metropolitan and its capacity are more than it in every way.

Turkey's center of gravity position, I think coming to our city neighbors. Our Bursa has made a serious leap forward with its developing, developing and dynamic population.

I thank those who contributed. If we come to Istanbul, the center of Istanbul's economy the added value of our city carries on his back Marmara Turkey not to speak.

I can not imagine a İstanbul'suz Turkey. Likewise, Kocaeli made a splash in a short time and progressed.

If you ask why I am talking about these as a Yalova member; When evaluated within the framework of the regional total development approach, the external benefit of the progress of our neighbors will affect us in a shorter time and to a higher degree. If we say the global approach or the global approach, we will now have a metropolis within 7 minutes in our world where borders are lifted and closer to the keys of the keyboard.

How ready is Yalova? What will this convergence bring and what will naturally lead? If we think only Yalova and we plan our future accordingly, we will have serious strategic mistakes. Close monitoring of the three metropolis is very important.

Getting closer will bring; There are so many issues and areas that I think that they should be discussed and brought to the agenda urgently. If Bursa continues to be a center of attraction, we should revise our external benefit approach with our proximity to these centers. If we think a lot and plan well, the 7-minute distance will take us to "All Roads to Yalova".

Each of our districts and towns, from Çiftlikköy to Armutlu, will have a lot to do with these works. It will have a share from this rapid change and development that will affect even our furthest village.

There are, of course, many successful works for the global thinker Yalova. These works will have to be compiled and compiled more with the vision of Yalova.

Seeing the overall picture and planning and applying further projections to what our districts have to do in their districts in line with this mission will further strengthen our Yalova. I am sure the common mind will produce more things.

Just let's think about it and just for Yalova. .

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