President Bilal Uludağ surveyed the asphalt

President Bilal Uludağ examined the asphalt works on site: Mayor Bilal Uludağ of Sarıçam examined the asphalt works at Yeşiltepe neighborhood.
Sarıçam Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs has started the asphalt works of the streets in the new settlement area in the eastern region of Yesiltepe Quarter. The streets were paved with asphalt pavement. President Bilal Uludağ, who examined the works on site, said, falt We will continue our asphalt study in Yeşiltepe neighborhood, in Şahintepe Quarter, Yıldırım Beyazıt and Beyceli neighborhoods. 2015 will be a year in which service activities will continue intensively. Together with our central neighborhoods, we will be able to serve quickly in our neighborhood neighborhoods, which were formerly villages, which now have neighborhood status. Imiz Director of Science Affairs Adem Gök, President Bilal Uludağ gave information about the works. Taking pictures of the residents of the neighborhood, President Uludag, riding the asphalt machine, also made an asphalt cast.

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