The privatization of Haydarpasa station was protested (Video)

The privatization of Haydarpaşa Station was protested: a group of Haydarpaşa Solidarity protested the privatization of Haydarpaşa Gar and its environs. CHP deputies from Kadıköy İskele Square to Haydarpaşa Train Station have been supported by the group.

A group of Haydarpaşa Solidarity members gathered in Kadıköy İskele Square during the evening and protested the privatization of Haydarpaşa Station and its surroundings. The torches on the hands of the scaffold square and 'Trimming and will not stay vapisiz', 'Haydarpasa wardrobe gar will remain' banners written against the government by shouting slogans to Haydarpasa Train Station, the entrance of the garage, leaving a black wreath made a statement. CHP deputies also supported the group. In a press statement on behalf of the Group, ata Despite all these warnings, the ongoing judicial processes, scientific reports and the social resistance which has been going on for many years, the government attempted to implement the looting project, which was unable to give up, from the roof of Haydarpaşa Station with the help of the irresponsible and insensitive administrations at their disposal and their collaborators. The main reason of this courage and courage is to offer all the vital values ​​of our country and our cities, their stations, ports, forests, squares and parks to the order of the collaborative capital. law, rule, science, technical, public and society is not persistent persuasive attitude., said.

After the announcement, the group broke up without incident.

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