China and Nigeria Sign 12 Billion Dollar Railway Agreement

gin and nigeria
gin and nigeria

China and Nigeria have signed a 12 billion dollar railway agreement: China's state-owned China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) has signed a $ 1 billion-dollar deal with 11,97 for its railway construction project with Nigeria. This agreement is the highest volume of business deal in China's overseas countries. According to the news announced today by the official Xinhua agency, Nigeria's capital of Abuja signed in the giant agreement Nigeria Transport Minister Idris Omer and CRCC manager Cao Baogang signed.

According to the largest project in Chinese history, the country's economic capital, Lagos, will be connected to the eastern city of Kalaba via the 1402 kilometer.

The project will enable the local people to work in XIII for a thousand people. When the line becomes operational, 200 will have the opportunity to employ a thousand people. The speed of the train will be the maximum 30 km per hour.


China will export 4 billion dollars worth of construction machinery, trains, steel products and other equipment to this country for the construction of the project to be used in technology.

Two weeks ago, Mexico, China's CRCC-led consortium signed with the 3,75 billion-dollar high-speed train agreement, and a few days after the cancellation of the news was welcomed in China. The reason for the cancellation was the concern of transparency.

Last year the trade volume between China and Nigeria had been 13,6 billion dollars. Nigeria, one of the world's leading oil producers, is an important country for China's energy supply.

According to the Chinese media, the CRCC, operating in the 77 countries and regions of the world, is the 500 rank number one among the world's most powerful 80 companies, and ranks first in construction.

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