Gaziantep's Highways Noise Map is Made

Gaziantep's Highways Noise Map is Being Prepared: The "Highways Noise" map of Gaziantep will be prepared within the scope of the European Union Technical Assistance for the Implementation of Environmental Noise Directive project.
In order to discuss the details of the preparation of the map, a meeting was organized with the participation of officials of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the UK, Spain and Turkish companies.
Police Department Environmental Branch Directorate officials said in a statement, the project will be held in the city of 5 large city and 10 pilot city's strategic noise map will be prepared in practice said.
Stating that one of the pilot provinces is Gaziantep, the officials stated that the noise measurement studies started to be carried out in the area within the area of ​​Abdulkadir Aksu Boulevard, İpekyolu, Cemetery Crossroad, Tüfekçi Yusuf Boulevard, University Boulevard and Riot Crossroads.
A short, medium and long term action plan will be prepared in line with the data obtained as a result of the map and the authorities said that 2015 will follow up and compile them until December.
The authorities stated that Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will prepare a noise map in areas where the population is located outside of the other designated areas.

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