Fast train employee 72 catches stealing millions of dollars

72, the high-speed train employee, caught the stealing million dollars: the 4, a fast train that entered service in South Africa years ago, was captured by Gautrain's IT specialist, preparing to pay for 800 million dollars (72 million dollars) from the company's account. South African police special unit Hawks'in operation in the case of corruption, the 30 computer expert was taken to court today.

Hawks said in a statement, the IT expert can not explain the account is 250 rand said. Hawks, the young computerist, "Gautrain company employees' financial reports" and "hundreds of high-speed train employee salaries paid to enter the bank accounts," he said.

A statement made by the police, IT experts' Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, in violation of fraud and corruption charges were arrested.

Hawks spokesman, Paul Ramaloko, as a result of the two-week-long operation, said they have prevented a major corruption. Barbara Jensen, one of the Gautrain executives, has been dismissed because the computer expert has been dismissed for "poor performance".

Last May, the Hawks unit arrested 12 for cybercrime.

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