Eurostar 20th Anniversary Attacked


Eurostar 20. The first high-speed train from the bottom of the Channel tunnel connecting Britain to Europe started 20 years ago. 14 was the first guest of honor of the Queen Elisabeth high-speed train in 1994 November. During the 20 annual journey adventure, Eurostar carried 150 million people. Brussels-London flights to Paris without delay was added.

Today, Eurostar is taking steps to expand its flights all over Europe:

Eurostar Hill Manager Nicolas Petrovic:

Iz From next year, we will launch flights from London to Lyon, Avignon and Marseille. A year later, our London-Amsterdam line will open. In other words, we will continue to add new routes for our company to grow. Yani

The French State Railways (SNCF) hold the 55 part of the company. The other major partner British government will soon have privatized 40. While this situation suggests that Eurostar is heavily influenced by the global financial crisis, management looks to the future with hope:

Edi The UK tourism market 18 performed very well in the month. At present, confidence in the UK has increased too much. We can see that people are peaceful. So for a short time to visit a city or go on vacation makes them happy. We can say that the situation in Belgium and France market is quite good. Our growth in these markets continues. Bu

Eurostar, 20. In the year-round celebrations, the German-made hourly 320 also introduced its new trains that can reach the speed of the kilometers. With these trains starting from 2017, the company aims to increase the passenger carrying capacity by 20:

Tren We greet Deutsche Bahn, who will start train services in the tunnel. This is good news in a way. Because it will raise awareness of the possibility of passing the tunnel by high-speed train right now. Çünkü

On the other hand, it is expected that Eurostar will lose its expensive ticket prices with the loss of its monopoly in the Channel tunnel.




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