Passenger train in Erzurum hit car 1 dead, 3 injured

Passenger train in Erzurum hit the car 1 dead, 3 wounded: In the district of Aşkale in the crossing of the passenger train, the car collided as a result of 1 people were killed, 3 people were injured.

According to information received, Kenan Arifoğulları 25 DT 400 plate under the car, the level crossing at Safak Mahallesi district Erzincan-Kars was collided with a passenger train.

Yosma Arifoğulları (200) lost his life in the car, which was dragged about 54 meters due to the impact. After the body of Arifoğulları was examined, Aşkale State Hospital was taken to the morgue.

The driver injured in the accident, Ayfer and Yunus Efe Sarı were treated at Erzurum Regional Training and Research Hospital, where they were taken to the scene by the 112 Emergency Service teams.
Her father had died in an accident at the dam reservoir.

It was learned that the woman who died in the accident was the mother of Arif Arifoğulları, who was a freelance journalist in the district.

Arif Arifoğulları's father, Mustafa Arifoğulları, died with his accompanying 3 TEDAŞ workers due to the capsizing of the sea bike while they were going to repair the electric pole in the Karasu-2012 Hydroelectric Power Plant Irrigation Pond on April 2, 4 in Aşkale district.

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