Eren Teknik Otomotiv's success was awarded

Eren Teknik Automotive's success was rewarded: Atlas Logistics Awards, which found its owners for the 5th time this year, were awarded the Special Jury Special Award with Eren Fuel Automotive 'Fuel Safety Systems'.
Company statements, online voting and jury evaluation, based on the Atlas Logistics Turkey's most prestigious awards in the automotive techniques took full note from the jury. The winners of the competition were selected by a jury of 11 people, consisting of representatives of sectoral associations and publications. Among them, Turgut Erkeskin, President of UTIKAD, Chief Executive Officer of UND: Fatih Sener, signed a first step by taking the play of all the jury members.
Turkish Engineering product
Mr. Mehmet Hanifi Bulut, the general manager and owner of Eren Teknik Otomotiv, expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the fuel security system developed by the Turkish engineers was considered worthy of the award with the full score of the jury. Ür Our product which we launched with the slogan güvenlik Made and produced by Turkish engineers. I am proud that the jury members, who are the leading names of the logistics sector, are found worthy of the award of our company. Lojistik
Fuel theft
Eren Technical vehicles and vehicles that prevent unauthorized fuel purchases and fuel theft by producing systems that prevent the production of the bleeding wound of the industry is producing a reminder of the production of Eren Teknik Automotive General Manager Mehmet Hanifi Bulut Bulut said: Fuel is a considerable expense item for logistics companies. At this point, we are producing systems that prevent fuel thefts and unauthorized fuel purchases that many companies in the sector have been facing for years. With fuel safety systems produced by our Turkish engineers completely, we prevent fuel theft and prevent the fuel consumption and extend the life of the engine. Diesel smuggling is not the only sector is an important problem of Turkey. Our products are unbreakable, insurmountable, resistant to impacts and provide excellent results. Thanks to our products, even at the top level of the fuel tank can not be fueled. These products, which are an ideal and perfect system for the sector, provide an incredible profitability to companies and an incredible savings in fuel costs after installation. I can say that the investments made for our fuel security systems have paid off in a short time such as 2 months. Our product has been tested with 40 thousand vehicles that we have assembled to date.

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