Ereğlide Signaling System Renewed

Ereğlide Signaling System is being renewed: Ereğli District Municipality of Konya and Konya Metropolitan Municipality continue to work on changing the signaling and traffic signs in the district.
Memorial Street Atatürk Boulevard Ereğli Municipality before the intersection and the fire brigade teams continue to work at the intersection, Eregli signaling work at all intersections will renew.
Within the scope of the project which was realized jointly by Ereğli Municipality and Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the teams that will complete the infrastructure works will carry out signalization installation works first. Signalization of iron used in the past as the teams, the new signalization is plastic and LEDs in the middle of the lights will be reflected in the lights more powerful, he said.
Mayor Özkan Özgüven, who said that the system used in the metropolitan areas was installed in Ereğli, said: eğ With the changing signaling system, city traffic will become more regular. Previously, light bulbs were used in signaling. The energy consumption was high and the bulbs were short-lived. Malfunctions occurred frequently due to these. The newly installed traffic signaling system is a 'Power Led' system and consists of a long service life and energy saving system with high radiation power. The malfunctions will be reduced to a minimum level Ar.
Approximately 6 a monthly work program within the scope of this service, said that the target of the completion of the Internet, the traffic sign also changed, he added.

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