Overpasses in Elazığ

Elazığ Overpasses with Elevator Now: Elazığ Municipality has started to make a lift with a meaningful study on the upper passages especially on the ring road where elderly, disabled and pregnant women have problems while using.
First of all, the teams that will build the elevator at the entrance of the Fırat University Engineering Campus located on Keban Road will also implement the elevator system in the 3 overpass.
Highways 8 to allow pedestrians to cross safely. They could not use the overpasses on the ring road, especially children, women with children and disabled and elderly citizens.
Due to this unfavorable situation, Elazığ Mayor Mücahit Yanılmaz gave instructions to the teams in order to conduct a study on the related areas and stated that they started the construction of the elevator on the upper crossing on Keban Yolu Lieutenant General Hulusi Sayın Street. said they would implement.
President Mucahit Yanilmaz, who noted that they will build eight elevators in total, four entrances and exits, will be on the crossings in front of a private health institution on the ring road until the end of February, as well as on the overpasses in front of the Provincial Special Administration, Turk Telekom and Land Registry Directorate. The elevator system can be used.
In his statement, aydınlatma The elevators on the overpasses at the same time they want to create a visual beauty in the night, çalış said President Mücahit Yanılmaz de In addition to the elevator system in the overpass for this, as well as highlighting the lighting work, görsel Not only in the overpasses, children in all areas of life, women with children and said they would endeavor to address the problems of the disabled and elderly citizens.

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