Driving license gets harder

Driving license gets harder: It is difficult to get a driver's license within the framework of the Highways Traffic Regulation which is expected to take effect in the coming months. According to the current legislation, 9 will be a different type of 17 of the driving license, according to the current regulations. Driver candidates who want to get a license to drive a heavy vehicle first class B driving license. Candidates who qualify for a driver's license will be on the road as an intern driver for 1 years. The certificate of the trainee driver who exceeds the 60 penalty score will be taken.
The President of the Confederation of Driving Courses and Trainers, İsmail Yılmaz, made a speech during the visit of the President of the Association of Journalists of Malatya to Haydar Karaduman and gave information on the Road Traffic Regulations. Turkey Yilmaz, indicating that one of the most important problems of traffic accidents in the country, thousands of people have lost their lives in the accident, hundreds of thousands of people have become disabled, he stressed that billions of pounds of financial losses occur. Yilmaz pointed out that most of the accidents occurred due to driver errors, and therefore the Highways Traffic Regulation was prepared.
Yılmaz said: m Traffic regulation will change in the coming days. The driver's age limits are changing. Experience is coming. In order to get a heavy vehicle license, it is necessary to obtain a Class B driving license. This is compulsory even if the age is enough. It also comes in the concept of trainee driver candidate. It'il be an apprenticeship. 1 year will be an intern driver candidate. The person who received 60 penalties will be canceled. 17 will be a kind of driver's license. The driver's certificates will be replaced by 5 to 10 annually. Heavy vehicle drivers will renew their qualifications in the 5 year on condition that they have a medical report. The other drivers will change the 10 annually. Diğer
The last 1-2 related to the acquisition of driver's license, said that there have been significant changes in the year, iğ The last 1-2 driver training has changed since the year. The curricula of the courses and the forms of exams changed. Now 50 is the only one with the question. There are questions about the rules that the driver will use in his daily life. Steering tests were made very difficult. Anyone who took the test took driving license. Now, driving tests such as clutch take-offs on sloping roads and parking between two vehicles at one time are examined. Now, the 50 doesn't pass the percentage of those who take the test. In Europe, we see that the standard is at this level. Avrupa
Ismail Yilmaz, who obtained the right to get a driver's license, received the file of the Police Department, but warned those who did not get his license. Yilmaz, the drivers in this case reminded the 2 annually given the time, said: kurs After completing the driver's course, and taking an exam after taking the driver's file from the driver's license to lose their rights for those who do not have their driver's license. They were given 2 yearly time. This is the last months of the period. Those who do not have the license to receive the file may lose their rights soon. However, they need to get the driver's license to avoid being stuck in the internship practice. Bun
Yilmaz, driving courses available 3 500 thousand in Turkey, he said 50 thousand educators working in these courses.


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