Xanthi launch in the Davraz Ski Center

Davraz Ski Center in 15 years later, early in the season opening: 22-kilometer runway length of Turkey's major ski centers Davraz In the 15 years later in the season, as a result of the arrival of snow up to 1 meters was opened earlier than in previous years - Isparta Culture and Tourism Director Sword : - sezon This year the ski season started early. We opened the season in January last year. This year, the weather and the snow very good "- Turkey Ski Federation Board Member Başyiğit: -" Winter came early this year, the first time in years 15 laughed our faces. Since the 1998, I've been on the mountain, the first time we start so early bu

Turkey's major ski resorts of the year 15 in Davraz after experiencing the joy of the first time early in the season opening. The snow thickness of the hotels in the region of Davraz Ski Center 30 centimeter, the upper runway areas reached the 1 meter.

At the 4 mechanical plant in Davraz, the runway in the hotels district of the center of the center of 2635 can be skied. Other runways will be opened until the end of the week.

Isparta Culture and Tourism Director Abdullah Kilic, AA correspondent, said the quality of snow snow quality quality is looking for skiers, he said.

Dı This year the ski season started early. We opened the season in January last year. This year, the weather and snow is very good, in said Sword, snow powdered skiers are looking for features in the form of snow.

Kılıç said that Davraz was preferred because of the ease of transportation both by the airline and the highway. Olmas Here there are red, black and blue tracks that cater to both professionals and amateurs. People can have day trips and accommodation facilities as well as holiday and skiing opportunities. İnsanlar

Sword, 22 kilometers striking the length of the striking Davraz'un every year more than the skier hosted by emphasizing, 200 thousand skiers came to the center last year, said they expect a rise of 20 this year.

- dü Winter comes early, 15 laughed our face for the first time in years -

Kubilay Oktay Başyiğit, the member of the Ski Federation Board of Directors and the ski instructor said, y Winter comes early this year, and 15 laughed our face for the first time in years. I've been on 1998 for the first time. We are pleased to welcome the skiers in Davraz Kayak.

Isparta Tourism Association President and Provincial Councilor Fevzi Özdemir Davraz'ın an important ski resort in the Mediterranean, he said.

- Above the 1 meters on high snowfall tracks

Özdemir, who pointed out that they can ski despite the first snow of the season, said:

Nitelikli It is such a beautiful snow that the ski lovers love, which we call dry. The thickness of the snow is in the 30 centimeter, the 1 meter on the runways. By the end of the week, we're going to open the runway. We are ready as a facility. We expect everyone to ski. H

Ömer Tetik, who is a ski instructor in Davraz, said that hundreds of people called by phone themselves when the snow started.

Tetik said that they tried to open the season as soon as possible, lar Even before we arrived at the resort skiers came. A lot of demand is coming. As far as I know no center opens in Turkey Erciyes outside the ski season. We have achieved this advantage even though we are in the Mediterranean zone, Biz he said.