It takes 81 minutes between Kartal - Atatürk Airport

The distance between Kartal - Atatürk Airport takes 81 minutes: Aksaray-Yenikapı metro line, which will connect Atatürk Airport to Marmaray and Taksim Metro, will open on Sunday. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu will also attend the ceremony.

Aksaray-Yenikapı metro connection will be opened on Sunday. A passenger, who is passing the metro from Kartal with the 700 meter-long Aksaray Yenikapı line, will be able to transfer to Yenikapı by transferring to Marmaray and from there to Aksaray-Airport-Başakşehir line. Thanks to the same line, the transition to the Yenikapı Taksim-Hacıosman subway will also be possible.
With the new line to be opened, the distance between Kartal - Atatürk Airport will be reduced to 81 minutes. Thanks to the connection, Topkapı-Sultançiftliği and Otogar-Başakşehir metro lines and Merter-Bağcılar tram line will also be integrated with Marmaray.

2004 45 in Istanbul, the 2014 142 10 97 109 in kilometers reached. Metropolitan Municipality 2019 has expanded the 110 mileage of the rail system network over the years. The length of the current rail system operation in the city is 70 kilometers. 2019 will build 430 kilometers up to XNUMX, and the Ministry of Transport will build more rail system than XNUMX kilometers. In XNUMX, Istanbul will be among the world's leading cities with its XNUMX mileage network.

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