Denizli-Eskişehir train service will start at the beginning of 2015

Denizli-Eskişehir train services will start at the beginning of 2015: Ankara will be expedited. Only one distinction can be made from both cities in Eskişehir.

Pamukkale Express, which occurred in 2008 near the Çöğürler station of Kütahya and one of Denizli's 9 people lost their lives, is stopped but Pamukkale Express does not return.

TCDD Afyon 7. Regional Manager Enver Timurboğa, Istanbul without a mishap, will start in the first month of 2015 said. In the 4-II Provincial Coordination Board Meeting in Denizli, Timurboğa said that the renovations were coming to an end and Denizli people could go to Istanbul from Ankara via Eskişehir.

Timurboğa stated that a small section was left on the Denizli-Eskişehir line and said: küçük After the connection to Eskişehir is completed, trains will start at the beginning of 2015. However, those who want to go to Istanbul and Ankara will go to Eskişehir, and from there they will be able to travel to the city they want by high speed train. Ancak


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